3rd season “Gullwing” steering wheel

Who doesn’t want to sit behind the unique “Gullwing” steering wheel while driving your replica! It’s probably THE part that will attrack the most attention from all interior parts, it will certainly turn heads when driving by. The steering wheel comes with a metal cover plate to cover the opening at the front side for installing it to the adaptor and steering wheel column. The plate will be hold in place by two little magnets which are made in the steering wheel, so you don’t have to mess with glue or double sided tape. The magnets will hold the metal cover plate perfectly in place!

In case you don’t like to have the metal cover plate and prefer to have a “clean” look, the steering wheel can also be ordered with the opening at the back side. It’s then located in the bottom of the metal tube. With this steering wheel you do need to make an opening in the switch pod unit to have access to install the steering wheel. So it’s a matter of taste which one you like the most!

Price: 495,- euro