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Date: Sat 08/24/13 9:48PM
From: Marco Valleggi

Message: Joao , One of the best !

Date: Sat 01/12/13 8:50PM
From: Rasmus

Message: Excellent service delivery and advises.
Regards Rasmus www.knightrider.info

Date: Sun 01/6/13 7:28PM
From: alberto gorin

Message: very nice site very nice.

Date: Fri 10/26/12 9:55AM
From: David Bunch

Message: Congrats on the new site! It looks great! You honestly have the best looking parts available that I have seen thus far. Your new hubcaps and gullwing should be the new "standard" in fiberglass parts. I hope to someday own some of your products, the first hopefully to be the 1/2 season nose!

Date: Thu 07/12/12 12:29AM
From: Marco kihght

Message: Congratulations on this site and greetings for visitors is good to know that many people in the area of ​​kitt and support those who want to realize the dream of having a replica of KITT special greetings to the sr.joao for taking the time to khight passions Thank you.

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